How to Curveball in Knockout City

Photo courtesy of Velan Studios

Learning to use a curveball in Knockout City is paramount if you want to survive. It's actually more skilled-based than you would think. Instead of a simple button you push, and the ball always does the same curving trajectory. The path of your ball is based on you. You can make the throw as complicated as you want it.

How to Curveball in Knockout City

Just to clarify as you play, it's called a Curve Shot and you can practice it in the Training Mode which is recommended for everyone. The key thing to note is you need to push the button first, then release the ball. You can hold the throw button, charging your shot, or you can tap it to make it go a bit slower. This is important as enemy players can catch your ball, so changing up the pace is important. And it's a different button for every console.

  • PlayStation: Click "Circle" Before Throwing
  • Xbox: Click "B" Before Throwing
  • PC: Click "E" Before Throwing

But as mentioned before, the direction you're turning will curve the ball in that direction. So you can control the speed and direction with your body and the length of holding the throw button.