How to Customize Staff Outfits in Two Point Campus

Image courtesy of Two Point Studios

Want to add some flair to your faculty? Here's how to customize staff outfits in Two Point Campus.

Two Point Campus released today across consoles and PC, bringing a brand new style to the Two Point series. Players get to take the role of a university administrator and help struggling universities expand and prosper. Through bizarre courses such as dark arts, clowning, and knighthood, players must provide students with everything they need to excel.

Aside from designing the campus to your own specifications, you can also customize the way your staff members dress. This can be useful if you need to differentiate between staff members who have certain qualifications. For example, giving hi-vis jackets to janitors with Security qualifications to set them apart from those that don't.

Kitting out your staff isn't immediately obvious, so here's how to do it.

How to Change Staff Outfits in Two Point Campus

To customize and change staff outfits in Two Point Campus, you'll first need to select the staff member you with to customize. In their menu you'll notice a clothes hanger icon at the bottom — click this and you'll be able to see all available outfits for this staff type.

New outfits will need to be unlocked with Kudosh, which you can do from this menu. Once unlocked you can select an outfit choice and choose to just have it apply to this singular staff member, or scroll down to the bottom of the options to see a button to apply to all.