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How to Dance in NBA 2K22

Image provided by Take-Two Interactive Software.
Image provided by Take-Two Interactive Software. /

NBA 2K22 is a game where skilled basketball players can settle it in the court, and there’s always street cred to be made. Celebrate victory with in-game dances, and here’s how to do them.

Emotes have always been a staple in multiplayer games, and dances are often included. Whether players are celebrating a victory or taunting the losing team, dances are always the desired mechanic when it comes to player interactions. Fortunately for 2K22 players, there are ways to dance in-game, and it’s not that hard to pull off.

How to Dance in NBA 2K22

To dance in NBA 2K22, all console players need to do is press and hold the down direction on the d-pad, and the character will begin to dance. PC players can press and hold the down key on the keyboard. 

But before players can dance, they must purchase dances from the in-game store. In the store, there are a wide-variety of emotes the player can buy, with categories depending on when the emotes can be performed. Players can buy whatever they’d like and can equip them for use in-game. Equipping emotes can be done in the MyPlayer menu. Remember to equip dances to the “In-Game Celebrations” slot or else the character will not dance.

NBA 2K22 is now available to play on Xbox and Playstation consoles, as well as PC.