How to Deal Damage Suppressed Weapons in Fortnite

Photo by Epic Games

Dealing damage with suppressed weapons is one of Fortnite's week 11 challenges. It comes as a part of Fortnite's Wild Week: Sneak Week. To many players' delight, suppressed weapons have been unvaulted, bringing back memories from Fortnite's earlier seasons.

Completing this week 11 challenge requires players to deal 1000 damage in total with suppressed weapons. This damage can be dealt with different suppressed weapons while still making progress towards finishing the quest. Don't worry about doing it all with the same weapon! Additionally, damage dealt towards NPCs count as well, so if you can't find another player just look for any character you can shoot.

Deal Damage with Suppressed Weapons Fortnite

Here is the list of available suppressed weapons for you to use in this week's challenge:

  • Suppressed Pistol
  • Suppressed Assault Rifle
  • Suppressed Sniper Rifle

Finding any of these guns may be a challenge but still easily doable. Any chest or floor spawn location has the potential to hold one of these guns. Land at any location on the Fortnite map with a lot of loot available and you should be able to find one in no time.