How to Defeat Bjorn the Bear in God of War Ragnarök

Santa Monica Studio | Screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs

The first boss fight that you'll encounter in God of War Ragnarök is Bjorn — a big bear. Here's how to defeat it.

Bjorn is the word for bear is most Norse languages, making it an apt name for the first boss of the game. Up until this point, Kratos has been fighting minor raiders who have been easily dispatched with a few swings of the Leviathan Axe.

Bjorn is a stronger foe, however. Players will have to employ a few more tactics in order to take it down.

How to Defeat Bjorn the Bear in God of War Ragnarök: First Boss Fight

During this fight, players will be introduced to the yellow rings appearing on screen which indicate the enemy is about to perform a Guard Break attack. Getting caught up in this attack while attempting to guard will simply break Kratos' stance and leave him vulnerable to attack.

Red rings indicate that the incoming attack is completely unblockable, and will deal some hefty damage should it connect. The strategy here is to dodge out of the way using the X button.

Keep dodging away from the bears attacks, and try to put some distance between it and Kratos. Make use of the Leviathan Axe by aiming it with L2, firing with R2 and then recalling it with the Triangle button. Additionally, try to get some hits in when the bear's back is turned. Be wary that it'll only be turned for a short while before it snaps back around.

At a certain point during the fight, you'll be prompted to activate Kratos' Spartan Rage attack with L3 + R3. Once activated, keep pummelling the bear with R1 attacks and heavier R2 attacks to chip away at its health.

Eventually, you'll reach the end of the fight, triggering the cutscene.