How to Defeat Dreki in God of War Ragnarök

The Dreki in God of War Ragnarök.
The Dreki in God of War Ragnarök. / Santa Monica Studio | Screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs

As you progress through God of War Ragnarök's main quest in the realm of Svartalfheim, you'll encounter a Dreki. Here's how to defeat it.

After Kratos and Arteus meet Durlin in Svartalfheim, they'll exit through his house and continue on their journey to find Tyr. Eventually, the pair will come across a dead Dreki, which Atreus moves in to inspect closer. Hesitant, Kratos warns the boy not to get too close, only to have the moment interrupted by the arrival of another Dreki.

These giant lizard-like creatures emerge from the water and make use of electric-based attacks. Here's how to defeat the miniboss encounter with the Dreki.

How to Defeat Dreki in God of War Ragnarök

For a miniboss encounter in God of War Ragnarök, the fight with the Dreki is a straightforward one. The Stone Wall shield ability is one of the best tactics to use here, allowing Kratos to absorb nearly all of the Dreki's yellow ring attacks. Kratos can then discharge the shield by double-tapping L1, dealing some extra damage to the Dreki. Be careful when getting in close, as it has a fast tail attack that can whip around and cause some harm.

After a certain point, the Dreki will charge itself with electricity and begin using red ring attacks which electrify parts of the ground. Dodge out of the way of these, using Atreus to deal some additional damage with Square in the meantime. Attack with some combos to bring its health down when the chance opens up.

Eventually, the the R3 button will flash up prompting Kratos and Atreus to perform a finishing move on the creature.