How to Defeat Margit in Elden Ring

Photo courtesy of FromSoftware

While not mandatory to beat Elden Ring, defeating Margit The Fell Omen opens up new areas to explore and new upgrades for your character, allowing you to progress to the next stages of the game a little bit easier. There are lots of options available to defeat Margit in Elden Ring, but his location in Stormhill means that new players may walk into the fight unprepared. Here's everything you need to know so that doesn't happen.

How to Defeat Margit in Elden Ring

When approaching the site of the battle with Margit, players will encounter the Castleward Tunnel site of grace just before they reach the mist that leads them to the fight. Make sure to rest there and replenish your health and flasks, as well as spending down your runes by topping off your levels so collecting any lost to death doesn't become a distraction. Allocate your flasks for a fight and prep any sorceries you need as well. Be aware that if you have a faith-based build, Margit is stronger against holy damage, so using the early game Flame Sling incantation will prove difficult. Using sorceries that deal magic damage will prove more fruitful.

Defeating Margit can prove difficult for melee players. Even with healing incantations and flasks, Margit's aggressive combos can quickly break your stance and finish you off if you try to block every attack. Dodging when you can is critical, and only block when you need to. However, Margit is weak to physical slash damage, so going for an early game dexterity build may give you an advantage over other players here. For ranged characters and magic users, it is slightly easier. Staying farther out of range for Margit's melee attacks will keep you alive and allow you to chip damage away from afar. Especially in the boss' more aggressive phase two, maintaining a buffer between you and Margit will give you enough escape outlets to dodge.

For all characters in Elden Ring defeating Margit can be simplified. Greasing or enchanting your main weapon to provide additional fire, lightning, or magic damage will help chip away more health. Multiplayer summons are also available for when a player gets stuck. However, the most tried and true method to defeat Margit is to use the available NPC summon that is right next to the fight's entrance. Using this summon calls the Sorcerer Rogier to your aid. Sorcerer Rogier's important asset is that he distracts Margit from your character, allowing you to get in close it hit him several times in a row. Maximizing the amount of damage done to Margit before he kills Sorcerer Rogier will make the fight much easier, as the longer you leave Margit alive, the more likely you are to get killed.