How to Defeat The Nidhogg in God of War Ragnarök

Santa Monica Studio | Screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs

The Nidhogg is a major boss in God of War Ragnarök that Kratos and Freya will face together. Here's how to defeat it.

Kratos and Freya's journey through Vanaheim eventually leads them to Freya's childhood home, where Odin has placed a seal that keeps her physical form bound to Midgard. In order for Freya to be free again, she must destroy the seal. However, upon approaching it, a creature emerges from a Realm Tear — the Nidhogg.

Until the Nidhogg is out of the way, Freya is unable to destroy the seal. Here's how to defeat the Nidhogg.

How to Defeat The Nidhogg in God of War Ragnarök

During the fight's first phase, the Nidhogg will remain in the Realm Tear. Red Ring attacks will throw Bifrost at you, but you can dodge to one side to avoid getting hit. Move in close to attack its head with melee attacks, but be sure to dodge out of the way when the Red Rings flash up again.

After knocking two bars off its health, Kratos will be able to drag it out into the open.

The attacks will get a little harder to dodge. Its Red Ring attack now stems from its tail, which it will thrust into the ground. You should be able to parry its attack with the shield, double tapping L1, when the two blue rings show up — but only if you’re close enough. After that, move in to attack with some more melee hits.

It will also use its arms for Red Ring attacks to throw Bifrost, throwing it from each side. Move in to attack it during the brief pause after both attacks have been thrown.

Eventually, Kratos will grab its mouth and hold it open. Giving Freya enough time to get to the roots. She’ll destroy them, freeing herself and join the fight.

Santa Monica Studio | Screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs

This starts the next phase. The Nidhogg with wrap itself around ruined structures in the arena. It’ll fire Bifrost from its tail, then cover the tail with its head. At this point, you can move in to attack the head. The Nidhogg will also summon Bifrost from the air, which you’ll need to dodge away from.

Freya will leave purple sigils on the structurea, which Kratos will need to hit with his axe in order to bring The Nidhogg to the floor. Rush in and attack it once it drops.

At roughly its last bar of health, the R3 prompt will appear. Initiating the last portion of the fight. Its attacks are slightly faster, but mostly the same. Employ the same tactics as above to reduce its health bar to zero.

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