How to Defend in FIFA 22: 3 Easy Tips

Photo by EA Sports

How to defend in FIFA 22 is something on the minds of many after new mechanics, AI logic and more were added.

Despite certain areas being buffed, there are still multiple tricks to help improve your game overall as you try to move up the ranks in Division Rivals and FUT Champions.

How to Defend in FIFA 22: 3 Easy Tips

Let's take a look at some defending tips for FIFA 22:

3. Don't be overly aggressive with Standing Tackles

With passing being a pivotal part of the FIFA 22 gameplay, spamming the stand tackle option can severely place your defense out of position and cause open holes for through balls for your opponent.

2. Invest in the defensive attribute

Unlike previous years, FIFA 22 has made the actual defensive attribute the most important factor on the defensive side of things. Last FIFA many players got away with playing fullbacks at the center back position just for high pace. This year, the defensive attribute is more important than pace as high defense leads to a lot of interceptions and blocks at pivotal moments.

1. Break the bank for the Center Defensive Mid

If there is one major tip, it would be that having your CDM be your most expensive player on the team is a great option. With how gameplay seems to flow, the CDM touches the ball more than anyone else on the pitch. When seeing the game like that, having a strong CDM (or two) can massively change your gameplay for the better.

Also be sure to make use of new mechanics like the R1 pressing. As always, tune your defensive tactics to your playstyle.