How to Destroy Gorgers in Fortnite

How to destroy Gorgers in Fortnite.
How to destroy Gorgers in Fortnite. / Photo by Epic Games

Destroy Gorgers in Fortnite is one of the heftier challenges in Chapter 2 Season 4. You must destroy one Gorger to complete the challenge, but it's harder than it sounds. Here's how to destroy a Gorger in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4.

The hardest part about defeating Gorgers is actually finding the infernal thing. They randomly appear, and the only track they leave is a big red beam right when the game starts. When you hop off the bus, pull out your glider to see where the Gorger appears.

How to Destroy Gorgers in Fortnite

The Gorgers are the big Galactus drones. They spawn tinier Gatherer drones that will shoot at you. The Gorger itself has a huge laser weapon that deals massive damage.

You can use normal weapons on a Gorger, but you must hit the center orb. The best way to take out a Gorger is to bring down a Harvester and use it to shoot. It doesn't take up an item slot, so you'll lose it if you switch. It will deal damage to the Gorger no matter where you hit, so keep up the barrage and mind the other Harvesters it will create.

When you've bested the Gorger, it will explode and drop a ton of loot. You'll also get a whopping 50,000 XP for your troubles.

There's an earlier challenge from Week 4 that has you destroy Gatherers. It may be worth it to rack up Gatherer kills before going for the Gorger, as it will indefinitely produce Gatherers to replace the ones you destroy.