How to Destroy Tanks in Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2

Image courtesy of Epic Games

Tanks causing you trouble in Fortnite? You might be wondering how to destroy them.

Fortnite's Chapter 3: Season 2 sees players joining the Resistance in a battle against the IO. With new weapons to find, mechanics to utilize, and POIs to occupy, players will need to use everything available to survive the fight.

One new vehicle that's made its way to the island is the tank. Sturdy and destructive, these hefty machines allow players to traverse the island (albeit slowly) wreaking havoc as they go. they can cause players quite a bit of trouble, but fortunately, there's a way to stop them in their tracks.

How to Destroy Tanks in Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2

To put a stop to a tank's rampage, the best thing to do is to go after the driver. With it being an armored vehicle, however, that's probably easier said than done.

On the front side of the tank, players should look for a bronze panel just underneath the turrets. Damage this enough and it should break away, giving you a clear shot at the driver. Once they find themselves exposed, it's unlikely that the driver will want to stay in place for long.

If you want to put a stop to a tank for good, then some Remote Explosives will be your best friends here. Lobbing one at a tank is a sure fire way to deal some great damage, while keeping yourself somewhat out of harms way.

If you're wondering where you can find a tank for yourself, then check out our guide for all of the locations a tank can be found in Chapter 3: Season 2.