How to Dive in Fall Guys

Courtesy of Epic Games

Are you trying to take your game play in Fall Guys to the next level? Learn how to use this simple maneuver and dive to victory.

You can use the dive skill to dodge peril, extend your jump, knock down other players or send objects flying! Here is a guide on how to add this skill to your upcoming games.

How to Dive in Fall Guys

The most important step to learning how to dive is knowing what button to use. Here is the list of the button to dive for each console.

  • PC Keyboard: Ctrl
  • SwitchY
  • Xbox: X
  • PS4: Square

Now that you know what button to press, you have to understand how to properly dive.

If you run and dive, you will for sure face-plant and it will not be effective to get ahead of other players. Make sure you are jumping and diving to gain more ground.

When you jump first and then dive it will launch you further forward than a regular jump, allowing you to clear wider gaps. Take a look at this YouTube video to learn how to jump and dive!

Now that you know how to dive, take those skills and win as many crowns as you can!