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How to Dive in Valheim Explained

Aboard ship in Valheim
Aboard ship in Valheim / Courtesy of Iron Gate AB

Looking to loot underwater biomes in Valheim? Here's a guide on how to dive and collect all the loot you need.

How To Dive In Valheim

Unfortunately, there's no real way to Dive in Valheim. The game is still relatively new and there are still features that have yet to be added. At best, diving is one of those coming features. For now, the only way to submerge your character in water is to jump off of a high enough elevation that your character plummets to the bottom of the water. You'll have a period of time to plunder all the loot you can before your character begins to drown. If you'd like to go back underwater you'll have to repeat the process again.

Hopefully, this guide has helped solve any issues that you've been having trying to get underwater. Now that you know how there's a whole treasure trove of loot waiting for you, time to see what lies below.