How to do AR Mapping in Pokemon GO

How to do AR Mapping in Pokemon GO: A simple guide
How to do AR Mapping in Pokemon GO: A simple guide / Niantic Labs

How to do AR mapping in Pokemon GO is an important skill to learn for trainers looking to make their experience all the more realistic.

Niantic Labs is looking to implement AR Mapping tasks into Pokemon GO. These tasks will involve trainers being able to log their surroundings at uniquely marked PokeStops all over the map. The trainer's real-life surroundings will become an integral part of completing tasks and achieving goals.

Here's how it works.

How to do AR Mapping in Pokemon GO

AR (Augmented Reality) Mapping is the practice of using the world around you to project an immersive simulation or situation based in your own reality. From Oct. 20 onward, trainers will be able to engage with this mechanic in Pokemon GO.

AR Mapping tasks are just that. At certain marked PokeStops and Gyms, trainers will be able to take on AR Mapping tasks that utilize their real-world setting to complete in-game goals. AR tasks will be accented with an arrow button that needs to be tapped to activate the task. Once started, trainers will be tasked with exploring their surroundings and getting an acceptable scan for upload through the PokeStop Scan Feature.

A good scan is about 20-30 seconds long and keeps the location or item in center frame at all times. Trainers should maintain a consistent distance during the scan time and, if possible, "walk a full 360 degrees" around it. Don't worry, the game will have prompts that alert you to how to improve your scan.

Scans can be uploaded immediately or saved for a later date.

These tasks will only be available to trainers level 20 and up. Those will child accounts are not eligible for the feature at all.

More information about the introduction of AR Mapping tasks can be found on the official Pokemon GO news blog. Further clarification regarding what AR Mapping is and how to correctly use it can be found in Niantic's Help Center.