How to Dock in Starfield

An adventure with over 1000 planets to explore
An adventure with over 1000 planets to explore / Bethesda Game Studios

You'll need to dock your ship to explore enemy ships and space stations in Starfield. "The Old Neighbourhood" may be one of the first times you'll experience ship docking, but Sarah's instructions may be confusing.

Here's a brief rundown of how to dock in Starfield.

How to Dock in Starfield

To dock in Starfield, you must target a ship or space station by pressing A on Xbox controllers or E on PC. Then, get close enough to where you want to dock until you see the "Dock" option. After that, hold the X button on an Xbox controller or the R key on PC.

A short cutscene will play when you've docked the place, and you're free to explore all you want.

How to Target Engines in Starfield

As mentioned before, you can get on enemy ships. You'll have to learn to stop them first. Going after the engine is the easiest way to stop an enemy ship without destroying it.

The Tech skill tree is the key. If you spend a skill point on Targeting Controls Systems, you'll unlock the ship targeting functionality with Rank 1.

Now that you've activated the first Targeting Controls Systems rank, you can attack an engine. This is the way to do that:

  1. Aim for the ship and press the E key on PC or the A button on an Xbox controller to start locking on the enemy. 
  2. Once everything is completely locked, press the R key on PC or the X on the Xbox controller. 
  3. Scroll through the ship parts with the arrow keys (PC) or left stick (Xbox) until you get to the engine.
  4. Select the engine to start shooting at it.

You'll know the shuttle is immobile once the engine turns red.

To board the ship, target the machine with the E key on PC or the A button on the Xbox controller. Then, get within 500 meters of it to prompt the board option. You should be able to get on the ship by holding R on PC or Y on a controller.

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