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How to Download Holocure

Image courtesy of Kay Yu

Smash hit game Vampire Survivors has already spawned an incredibly popular fan game: Holocure. Vampire Survivors, developed by Poncle Games, is a Rouge-lite bullet hell style game, featuring a deep pool of content for players to get lost in as they play through the levels and many different characters that are available to unlock.

Additionally, the game became so popular, that it was recently added to the Xbox Gamepass as well, adding more players to an already very large audience. A fan recently made a game that takes a lot of inspiration from both Vampire Survivors and the incredibly popular Japanese Vtuber agency Hololive, called Holocure. In Holocure, you will move around defeating enemies and picking up items just as you would in Vampire Survivors, but this time face off against the many iconic and well-known characters and mascots from Hololive. The game took off among fans, and the leaderboards had to be disabled due to such a high volume of traffic coming through.

How to Download Holocure

Holocure is available to download for free on, using this link here. There, interested players can find not only the download link, but an explanation of many of the features present in the game, and some screenshots to see how it will look. Additionally, because it is a fan-made game hosted on, there is no automatic update system available, but there are are instructions on how to update your game and make sure that you are playing the most recent version there as well.