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How to Download Skyrim Together Reborn

Courtesy of Bethesda

Skyrim fans wanting to download Together Reborn, the brand-new co-op multiplayer Skyrim mod, are now able to on PC. To play the new mod, players can download it from the NexusMods website and follow the instructions listed on the page.

Since The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was originally released in 2011, the Bethesda open-world RPG has been a smash hit, selling over 30 million copies. Much of the longevity surrounding the title has stemmed from its immense fan support that takes the shape of free mods. These mods have done everything from simple cosmetic upgrades to game-changing overhauls like adding new questlines.

How to Download Skyrim Together Reborn

To download Skyrim Together Reborn, you need to understand how to use NexusMods in order to download and integrate the mod into your base copy of Skyrim. Luckily, the team behind Skyrim Together Beyond released an official tutorial video on how to download the mod.

Skyrim Together Beyond has been in the works for years and even had to be reworked as a result of the new Skyrim Anniversary Edition that was released in 2021. Players are able to complete every part of Skyrim Together Beyond with their friends, from completing quests to working together to slay a dragon.