How to Download Warzone on Xbox Series X

How to download Warzone on Xbox Series X
How to download Warzone on Xbox Series X / Photo Courtesy of Activision

How to download Warzone on Xbox Series X is important to know If you're getting excited over Season 1 of Warzone on Black Ops Cold War. Here is how to download the game to make sure you're not rusty when it comes out.

If you're not that sure of what Warzone is, we'll give you a brief description. Warzone is a battle royale, first person shooter game, where 150 players drop into Verdansk and fight until only one team remains. Be aware of the gas, though, because it causes the map to continuously shrink so that teams are forced to fight each other off as the map becomes smaller. With that said, if you think this is your type of game, follow these instructions to download Warzone on your Xbox Series X.

How to Download Warzone on Xbox Series X

1. Sign into Xbox Live

Click the Xbox button and scroll all the way to the top right screen to sign into your account.

2. Click the Xbox button and scroll down to the Store

The Xbox Series X and S are identical in their menus. When you click the Xbox button, at the bottom middle of the screen should be a bag shaped icon with the Microsoft logo on it. Click that button to get to the store.

3. Click the Search tile on the store menu

You can also press 'Y' to search. But after you bring up that search bar, type in Warzone.

4. Click the Call of Duty: Warzone icon

Once you click this icon it will give you options on what version you want to select, if you're not looking to spend money, you don't have to. All you have to do is select the option that includes Call of Duty: Warzone, marked as free.

5. Select "Get Free"

Once you click the Warzone option that is free, it will bring up another page with the option to get the game for free. Click that button to begin your download.

That's all you need to do to download the game! However, be aware that Warzone is transitioning to Black Ops Cold War on Dec. 10. So make sure to get your warm up rounds in now, because you may need to download another version of the game once the transition happens.