How to Dribble in Rocket League

Hot to Dribble in Rocket League
Hot to Dribble in Rocket League / Photo Courtesy of Psyonix

Learning to dribble in Rocket League will take your game to the next level. If you've already started to progress in your aerial shots as well as mastered speed flip and more, dribbling may be the next thing to master on your way to being a Grandmaster Champion.

To start, depending on which car you use in Rocket League will make a difference in how your car's hitbox affects the bounce of the ball off of your car. So know that using different cars will result in different areas you need to use in order to keep the ball up.

How to Dribble in Rocket League

After you've decided on your car, it best to focus on your path and speed rather than keeping the ball up. If you're able to get the ball on top of your car without bounce, you'll need to keep the right speed in order to keep the ball on the car. What will keep the ball on your car are the speed at which you travel and the amount of boost you use. Only use a boost when absolutely necessary to keep the ball on the car. Also, when you move your car too much to the left or right, the ball can bounce in an unanticipated direction. The less movement or more consistent your path, the more likely the ball is to stay on your car. Only move your car when necessary.

The best way to get adjusted between using no boost, or all boost is to practice. You'll need to get a feel of where the ball needs to be on your car if you don't have any boost, or if you're looking for lots of speed. This will help when you need to find a balance between the two in a game, as you'll know exactly where the ball needs to be, especially if you feel like you lose a dribble and need to speed up.

Some training packs you can use include Dribble Training, 04C1-42C8-6E5D-6F75. Use this training pack so that the ball is set up for you to best get started.

Once you've started to get the hang of dribbling the ball with some practice, you'll be able to move on to flicking the ball while you are dribbling. Flick the ball pressing A, on Xbox, or X on Playstation, and moving the left analog stick in the direction you want your car to push the ball. This can be used as a lob and can easily be used to chip the ball over anyone sitting in their own goal.

While it is difficult to master dribbling, like many moves in Rocket League it takes a lot of practice. Make sure to constantly work on your dribbling and any other moves in order to make your way up the rankings.