How to Drop Grenades in CS:GO

Photo by Valve

How to drop grenades in CS:GO is a new tool players are learning after Operation Riptide was released.

Valve dropped a new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Operation on Sept. 21 and with it came one of the biggest changes in the game's franchise. Players can now drop grenades just like weapons and the bomb to teammates. A potentially franchise changing addition has caused quite the controversy in the community. Some fans are excited by the new possibilities, others are worried it'll break the game's tactical outlook forever.

How to Drop Grenades in CS:GO

So, how do you drop grenades in CS:GO?

As mentioned, it's no different to dropping a weapon or bomb in a game. Whatever key is bound to drop, equip the grenade you wish to drop and press that key.

The tactical outlook of CS:GO might have just changed forever with how these grenades work now. For example, players can mask multiple grenades/utility as an execute while other players now work toward other parts of the map. Additionally, players can use flashes in new ways by dropping them. Just check out this clip from @JosiahCSGO.

CS:GO Operation Riptide is now live.