Apex Legends

How to Earn Apex Legends x Monster Energy Rewards

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends has partnered up with Monster Energy. The two are combining together to release a few specially branded cosmetics in the game.

Apex Legends is not the most well-known game when it comes to collaborations. Apex is also taking a different approach to this partnership with Monster.

How to get Apex Legends and Monster Energy Rewards

How to Earn

The first step for earning the rewards is visiting apexlegends.monsterenergy.com. Once you are here you will be prompted with a sign-in screen. Once you sign and are already, it's time to earn.

Each item you earn will correspond directly to how many cans of Monster Energy you scan. You must upload an image of your receipt to confirm how many cans of Monster Energy were purchased. The correct number of cans will be added to your rewards.

The maximum number of cans or rewards you can earn are 10. After earning your rewards on the website, they will be applied to your account.

What are the Rewards?

Technically there are 12 rewards, but two of them share the same number of cans. Here are the rewards and how many cans you will need to earn them.

1 Can: Rare Pathfinder Skin
2 Cans: 1 Battle Pass
3 Cans: Pathfinder Tracker Set
3 Cans: 1 Battle Pass
4 Cans: 1 Battle pass
5 Cans: Rampart Tracker Set
5 Cans: 1 Battle Pass
6 Cans: 1 Battle Pass
7 Cans: 1 Battle Pass
8 Cans: 1 Battle Pass
9 Cans: 1 Battle Pass
10 Cans: 1 Battle Pass