How to Earn Free VC in NBA 2K23

Photo Courtesy of 2K
Photo Courtesy of 2K / Photo Courtesy of 2K

NBA 2K23 has been out for a few weeks now, and some players are still struggling with VC and how to obtain it. Players can have a lot of fun in 2K23 no matter how much VC they have, but if you want to take things to the next level, having VC is a must, and there are ways to earn it for free.

VC, or virtual credit, serves as the form of currency in-game for players to purchase anything in the game world. It is a must-have for gamers to do anything with their character, like upgrading and adding cool new pieces of apparel.

VC can be used to add more customization to your character by adding items like animations, clothing, gear, haircuts, and a lot more items to personalize your character as well.

How to Earn Free VC in NBA 2K23

There are a lot of different options when it comes to earning VC in NBA 2K23. Players can unlock locker codes, take NBA 2K TV quizzes and most importantly play the game.

First off, 2K often drops in-game codes on their social media pages for gamers to redeem in their game. These codes will give players a nice amount of currency into their account in-game and will allow gamers to make some transactions for in-game apparel.

Players can also earn currency from watching the 2k TV video before playing a game. Sometimes these videos give a question at the end of the video and if answered correctly can bring in a nice bit of VC.

The final way to earn VC comes down to just playing the game, and with an updating being released early Monday there should be less issues in game to detract from earning VC.

Earning VC takes time, especially when it comes to earning it by simply playing the game. If players take their time, follow these best practices, and save up VC over the course of their playing career, they should have no problem unlocking anything they want in game.