How To Earn Kudosh in Two Point Campus

Courtesy of Two Point Studios

Two Point Campus players might be wondering about some of the ways they can earn Kudosh. Here are several methods that players can earn the in-game currency.

As the second entry into Two Point franchise, Two Point Campus released today, on August 9, 2022. It follows Two Point Hospital, released back in 2018. The premise of the two games is essentially the same — a management sim that focuses on designing a specific facility. Two Point Campus lets players customize all natures of a college university, from the academic buildings to the student dorms.

How To Earn Kudosh in Two Point Campus

Earning Kudosh is a vital part of Two Point Campus, as that's your main way of buying the improvements and items you want. There are three big ways to earn Kudosh:

  • Campus Stars - Players receive these by completing certain challenges and requirement in order to upgrading their campus.
  • Career Goals - Certain events trigger Career Goals to be met, such as forming 100 student friendships or having a certain number of club sign-ups.
  • Special Events - Players receive these by completing special events that pop up while players are enjoying the game. Players might need to impress the health inspector or win a game of cheeseball.

Once you've got some Kudosh, you're ready to start designing the university of your dreams.