How to earn Overwatch League points is on the minds of many viewers this week, though most in the community know them as Overwatch League tokens.

When the Overwatch League was first created, Blizzard introduced league skins for each and every team in the league. That would include home and away skins.

How to Earn Overwatch League Points

The simplest way to acquire ​Overwatch League tokens is to buy them directly from Blizzard.​ Tokens can be bought in bundles of 100, 200, 400, 900 or 2,600, for roughly $4.99 per 100 tokens. Each 100 tokens translates to a single Overwatch League skin, both in home and away variants.

Fans can also earn tokens by watching the Overwatch League live through Twitch, the Overwatch League app, or the ESPN app. Each map's conclusion will award viewers who have linked their Blizzard account with the corresponding viewing platform with a single token.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard