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How to Earn Renown Shadowlands

Elysian Hold, the Sanctum of the Bastion Covenant, Kyrian
Elysian Hold, the Sanctum of the Bastion Covenant, Kyrian / Activision Blizzard

How to earn Renown in Shadowlands may be on many player's mind, seeing as Renown is the overarching progression for the main story as your character's power progresses.

How to Earn Renown Shadowlands

There are four unique ways to earn Renown in Shadowlands.

That weekly quest you always see pop up in your Sanctum called "Replenish the Reservoir" grants you one Renown. Deposit a set amount of Anima in your Sanctum per week and you have a consistent way to level up your Renown.

For every chapter you complete of your Covenant Campaign, you will gain one level of Renown. Keep in mind, some Chapters are locked by Renown, meaning you will have to gain the Renown in the three other ways if you hit a roadblock.

  • Chapter 3: Renown 5
  • Chapter 4: Renown 8
  • Chapter 5: Renown 11
  • Chapter 6: Renown 13
  • Chapter 7: Renown 17
  • Chapter 8: Renown 20
  • Chapter 9: Renown 22

A weekly quest exclusively contained in The Maw to rescue Tormented Souls titled "Return Lost Souls" will grant the player another single weekly Renown.

Every here and there, you will also be granted a Renown for killing World Bosses and completing Callings.