How to Earn Stardust in Pokemon GO

Image courtesy of Niantic/The Pokémon Company

Here's how to earn Stardust for the new Pokémon GO Season of Heritage Stardust Challenge.

This December, Pokémon GO's Season of Heritage has kicked off, bringing with it a number of seasonal bonuses and challenges to complete. The Stardust Challenge tasks players with earning a pretty hefty amount of Stardust throughout the event. Needless to say, there'll be a lot of work involved if you want to earn all rewards.

Below, we've detailed how you can earn Stardust to maximize your chance of completing all of the challenges.

How to Earn Stardust in Pokemon GO

In December, you'll get double Stardust for the first daily catch, earning players 1,800 Stardust. This a great way to begin making a dent into the challenges. If you manage to catch a Pokémon for seven days in a row, you'll earn a tidy sum of 9,000 Stardust. Players will earn a varied amount of Stardust for every Pokémon they catch, depending on the strength of the Pokémon and the weather conditions. So, get out there and go catch-crazy.

An additional way to earn a decent sum of Stardust is to take part in Raids. Each completed Raid nets players 1,000 Stardust. Hatching Eggs will also reward players with Stardust, with 2,000 Stardust being handed out upon hatching a 10km Egg.

Players can also earn a small amount of Stardust by doing simple actions, such as feeding berries to your Pokémon and by opening gifts.

So, to simplify, by playing the game daily and completing a few actions you should be able to earn a fairly decent amount of Stardust towards the challenges.