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How to Earn Supply Points in Back 4 Blood

Image courtesy of Turtle Rock Studios, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Here's everything you need to know about earning Supply Points in Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood might be officially launching on Oct. 12, but many players who pre-ordered certain editions of the game will be making full use of their early access. While the game shares a lot of similarities with its spiritual predecessor, Left 4 Dead, there are a few differences in Back 4 Blood which aim to improve the whole experience.

One such difference is the game's customization feature, which allows players to spend Supply Points to purchase Cards - used as the game's upgrade system. Supply Points can be spent at Fort Hope, where an NPC will be sat at the Supply Line table. Here, you can use Supply Points to purchase new Cards and cosmetics for your Cleaners and weapons.

How to Earn Supply Points in Back 4 Blood

Earning Supply Points is pretty straightforward. Players can earn points by simply playing through the game's modes. Completing the game's campaign levels will earn players points depending on how well they perform.

Completing challenges and Swarm Sessions will also earn you various amounts of Supply Points, so play to your heart's content and you'll have bountiful Supply Points in no time. Naturally, players will earn more points for finishing a level over a failure. In addition to this, the higher the difficulty, the more points will be on offer. If you're feeling brave and up for the challenge, the payoff is pretty decent.

Back 4 Blood will officially launch on Oct. 12, on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.