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How to Earn Telix the Stormhorn Mount in World of Warcraft

Courtesy of Blizzard

Coming from Forbidden Reach off the coast of the Dragon Isles, Telix the Stormhorn is one of the new mounts available in World of Warcraft! Infused with storm magic, this beetle-like mount’s heightened senses make it particularly useful when transporting around the map. 

Telix the Stormhorn is the first Nerubian mount to be released into WoW. Coming from a line of intelligent arachnoids and insectoids, it has a unique /mountspecial animation where it flies around for a brief moment. Then, players are able to take off into the sky, with its flying ability.

How to Earn Telix the Stormhorn Mount in World of Warcraft

The Telix the Stormhorn Mount is accessible through World of World of Warcraft’s newest 12-month subscription bundle. Available through Jan. 15, this promotional deal allows players to get more from their subscription to World of Warcraft, at a cheaper cost. 

For $155.88, the 12-month subscription bundle comes with all access to both World of Warcraft and WoW Classic— including Wrath of the Lich King Classic. With this offer, players will also be able to receive the benefits of the current six-month subscription and three additional mounts that are not available in WoW Classic titles.

Along with Telix the Stormhorn Mount, players will be able to redeem Nether-Gorged Greatwyrm Mount and the Gargantuan Grrloc Ground Mount.