How to Earn the Dragonskin Crypto Skin

Here's how to earn Crypto's Dragonskin skin
Here's how to earn Crypto's Dragonskin skin / Photo by Respawn Entertainment and Prime Gaming

In the midst of Apex Legends' Genesis Collection Event, a set of unreleased skins were discovered by dataminers in the game files. One of these was a Dragon-themed Crypto Skin. Here’s how to earn the Dragonskin Crypto skin.

The leak included skins for the Bangalore, Crypto and Octane as well as various cosmetics for the upcoming Arenas Event. 

Season 9 of Apex Legends has been live for two months and Respawn Entertainment recently added the Genesis Collection Event. This event gave players the chance to earn Revanant’s heirloom, the Dead Man’s Curve.

To add to this, players have seen the return of the classic King’s Canyon and World’s Edge maps for the event. There were also a handful of nerfs, buffs and tuning to Legends. 

Even with all of the new content released for Apex, players and the community’s curiosity will always be at the forefront and leakers have provided them with information on what’s to come with the Genesis Collection Event. 

How to Earn the Dragonskin Crypto Skin

One of the leaked skins about a week ago was Crypto’s Dragonskin skin; as of right now, it is obtainable. Players who have linked their Apex Legends account with a Prime Gaming subscription will be able to get their hands on the Crypto Prime skin.