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How to Earn the Far Cry 6: Vaquero Bundle

Photo courtesy of Ubisoft

The much-anticipated latest installment in the Far Cry franchise, Far Cry 6, released Thursday, Oct. 7. The game was quickly met with vast praise from fans as they dove in and began exploring the land of Yara.

Those looking to get a leg up early on will definitely be interested in the Vaquero bundle, here's how players can get it:

How to Earn the Far Cry 6: Vaquero Bundle

Players can obtain the Far Cry 6: Vaquero Bundle by claiming it from the Prime Gaming rewards page. All Amazon Prime membership holders also receive Prime Gaming at no additional cost. The Vaquero Bundle can be claimed through the end of 2021, as it's set to expire on Dec. 31.

The Vaquero Bundle will grant players a plethora of goodies including 3000 in-game pesos, Far Cry 6's currency, and the titular Vaquero Outfit. Those who claim the bundle will even get Vaquero's Ride Horse.

Additionally, players will receive two guns in the El Caballero Blanco Pistol and Julia's Land Stand Rifle. More cosmetics will also be granted to Prime Gaming members through a Pocket Watch Weapon Charm and Yaran Horseshoe Mirror Prop.

Some of these items will give players a bit of a boost in taking down the vicious Castillo regime while others will merely allow players to look good while doing so.

An important thing to note about the bundle is that once it is claimed the items are permanently gifted to players, and will not dissapear if they cancel their Amazon Prime membership. As Far Cry 6 flies off the shelves and players look to gain any advantage possible they should be sure to go and claim the Vaquero Bundle from Prime Gaming!