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How to Earn the Halo Infinite Rockstar Skins

Photo courtesy 343 Industries and Pepsico

The Halo Infinite Rockstar Skins can be earned through the process of buying the Rockstar Energy limited edition Halo Infinite cans. Having redeemable codes, this partnership allows players who are both fans of Rockstar and Halo to take their gaming into real life and support their favorite energy drink, at the same getting some skins for the game. 

How to Earn the Halo Infinite Rockstar Skins

As Rockstar Energy has partnered with Spartan, there are a total of five Rockstar Energy Halo Infinite cans, as each can a player can get will have a redeemable code that can unlock a variety of items, which includes many skins.

Codes Players can Redeem

The following is every code and the possible item one might get with their Rockstar can:

  • Code 1 - Power Bundle – 2XP + 2 swaps
  • Code 2 - MA40 Bundle – Nocturne Sky Weapon Coating + 2XP
  • Code 3 - Power Bundle – 2XP + 2 swaps
  • Code 4 - Warthog Bundle – Nocturne Sky Vehicle Coating + 2XP
  • Code 5 - Power Bundle – 2XP + 2 Swaps
  • Code 6 - Emblem Bundle – Emblem + 2XP
  • Code 7 - 1202XP + 2 Swaps
  • Circle K / Code 1 - Nocturne Sky Razorback Coating + 5 swaps
  • Circle K / Code 2+ - Challenge Bundle 5 swaps
  • Amazon / Code 1+ - Challenge Bundle 3 swaps

Steps to Redeem Codes

The steps to receive these items and redeem the codes are:

  1. Buy Rockstar Energy limited-edition Halo Infinite cans.
  2. Each can have a code.
  3. Go to the official website of Rockstar Energy by clicking this link.
  4. Enter the code on the screen.
  5. After being navigated to the login page, complete the process.
  6. After logging in, another code will appear, use this code on the website of halo.
  7. Click on this Link to go to the Halo Infinite Website.
  8. Now login to the halo account and click on the profile picture.
  9. Redeem code.
  10. Enter the code provided on the Rockstar Energy website.
  11. The skin will be automatically added to the library.