How to Earn Truth Crusader in New World

Image courtesy of Amazon Games

In New World, players survive and fight together on one of the newest AAA MMORPG's released for console and PC in recent years. It features beautiful and immersive graphics and sound to go along with a unique combat system compared to other MMORPG's out there.

Additionally, unlike many MMORPGs recently released on mobile, it is a pay once and play game rather than a free-to-play pay to win model. There is a lot more depth than meets the eye as well with a deep crafting system, and new updates adding new weapons and ways to play.

Additionally, there are plenty of different armor sets both in terms of utility and cosmetically. One such new set is the Truth Crusader armor set, featuring a very cool almost Darth Vader like helmet to intimidate and face down your enemies in. Here is all the information on what you need to do to acquire this new Truth Crusader armor set in New World.

How to Earn Truth Crusader in New World

Fortunately, it is pretty easy to obtain the Truth Crusader set in New World. New World is partnering with Prime Gaming to offer special monthly Prime Gaming loot for users that connect their Amazon Prime account to their game account. For this month, the June loot gift includes the Truth Crusader outfit, so making sure that you've linked your New World and Amazon Prime accounts and claiming the Prime Gaming gift will earn you both the Truth Crusader armor and a special Talk to the Hand emote.

Unfortunately, there is no other way to get this armor, so if you do not have Amazon Prime you are unfortunately out of luck. Read more about the June Prime Gaming loot for New World here.