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How to Earn VHS Beta Access

Photo by Hellbent Games

VHS is currently in its beta stages and people want to know how to get access to VHS beta.

VHS is a game inspired by 80's horror films and is developed by Hellbent Games. Hellbent Games has also developed Wick and published Brutal Orchestra. VHS is described as a game of online multiplayer freeze tag and similar to Dead by Daylight.

In its 4v1 game style, players can choose from three different monsters from 1980 horror films will chase teenagers around in three different maps.

VHS was announced earlier this year and Hellbent just finished releasing its first round of beta keys to players, but currently not releasing any more at the moment.

How to Earn VHS Beta Access

Fans can still sign up for the beta access with hope the Hellbent will release more beta keys. To do so, fans can head to the VHS game website and join the beta. Until Hellbent releases an announcement for more, fans can't do much besides download the launcher, and add it to their wishlist on steam.

With no sign or announcement of the game fully releasing yet, fans can hope for more beta access keys in the future. VHS is expected to only stay in beta access for less than a year.

VHS beta is free to play and will remain free to play after release on Epic Games and Steam.