How to Enable High Precision Mouse Input in Overwatch


Overwatch 2's competitive multiplayer gameplay style means players need to get the most advantages where they can - including nitty-gritty technical details. One of the most important gameplay elements of a shooter like Overwatch is aim: Players succeed or fail based on their aiming skills. Luckily, Overwatch 2 has a hidden feature that can help improve aim performance: High Precision Mouse Input.

High Precision Mouse Input is a technical gameplay setting in Overwatch that was first added to the game in 2019 but mostly remained in the background. Nevertheless, it's a useful setting that can improve your flicks: The way it works is a bit complicated but it essentially boils down to be able to shoot more precisely - including in-between frames of animation. The result is a smoother shooting experience that can come in handy during high-level gameplay.

How to Enable High Precision Mouse Input Overwatch

High Precision Mouse Input can be found in the Settings menu of Overwatch, under the Gameplay tab. Enabling it allows your mouse to take advantage of this feature, but results in a small performance hit, creating more work for the CPU.

Most players won't notice a huge difference in gameplay unless they main high-precision shooting characters like Widowmaker or Cassidy, but it's a useful feature to have if you want to eke out any boon you can and don't care about a slight increase in strain on the CPU.