How to Enable Overwatch Cross-play

Overwatch cross-play has finally arrived.
Overwatch cross-play has finally arrived. / Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch cross-play has finally arrived.

Players can officially start connecting with friends and rivals on any platform thanks to the arrival of cross-play for Overwatch. For those who have yet to establish a Battle.net account with Blizzard, allow us to walk you through the process. You'll be linking up with PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch players in no time at all.

Here's how to enable cross-play for Overwatch.

How to Enable Overwatch Cross-play

The process to enable cross-play is fairly simple. We've broken down the steps so players can follow along with ease. Note that this is only necessary for console players. PC players should be set from the get-go since they're already playing with their Battle.net account on their platform.

  1. Visit Battle.net and create an account with the service.
  2. Once the account is made, log in and navigate to "Account Settings."
  3. Find and select the "Connections" option.
  4. Connect your corresponding console.
  5. Boot up said console to find a numeric or QR code according to the platform.
  6. Instructions to enter that code appropriately vary by platform, but will be presented.

If done successfully, players will be able to connect with others across the console platform. Unfortunately, this only holds true for Quick Play and Arcade matches. Competitive will still be separated by platform.

All players who launch Overwatch between now and the end of December will receive a gold loot box in celebration of the new mechanic.