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How to Equip Equipment in MLB The Show 21

MLB The Show 21
MLB The Show 21 / Photo courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment

How do you use equipment in MLB The Show 21? That's among the many topics players are interested in knowing, as newest addition to the franchise has recently been released and features Fernando Tatís Jr. of the San Diego Padres as its cover athlete.

MLB The Show 21 launched April 20. In addition to being released as a standalone copy, the game can also be accessed via the Xbox Game Pass. Players who wanted to get their hands on the game early had the option to obtain an Early Access version on April 16 by pre-ordering either the Jackie Robinson Edition or the Jackie Robinson Deluxe Edition.

The new game comes with a few changes. For starters, there is no longer an Online Franchise mode. There is also a new Stadium Creator mode, a creative feature that allows players to build their dream stadium.

How to Equip Equipment in MLB The Show 21

Players looking to equip equipment in MLB The Show 21 can learn how to by using the following guide:

  • Go to the main screen and search for the Create option
  • In the Sub Menu that pops up, select Roster Control
  • Select Edit a Player in the new window that shows up
  • Choose a player you want to equip with items, and proceed to select the equipment of your choice

There are several items you can equip for a particular player. These include Uniform, Glove, Bat, Batting Gloves, Hat and Helmet, Batting Gear, Fielding Gear, Sleeves and Tape, Eyewear, Cleats, and Catcher Gear.