How to Evolve Larvitar in Pokémon GO

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Larvitar, the Rock Skin Pokémon and #246 in the Pokédex, alongside its evolutions made its Pokémon GO in 2017.

The Larvitar line, originating from Pokémon Gold and Silver, is considered a psuedo-legendary Pokémon, meaning that it boasts very high stats and is a strong Pokémon overall. Larvitar came to Pokémon GO with huge the anticipation from the community due to how beloved it and its evolutions are.

How to Evolve Larvitar in Pokémon GO

Despite being an incredibly powerful Pokémon, the method in which the Larvitar line evolves is not as complicated as other Pokémon may be.

To evolve Larvitar into Pupitar, it must be fed 25 candies, which can be received most effectively by catching other Larvitar. Once the player gets their Pupitar, they have to feed it 100 candies, which can similarly be acquired by catching more Larvitar, to evolve it into a Tyranitar.

Even though this method is not as convoluted as others, it'll still take a while for a player to accomplish this. In the main series Pokémon games, evolving a Larvitar and Pupitar into the next evolution can be fulfilled by the typical method of leveling it up to level 30 and 55, respectively.

Larvitar will be the featured Pokémon in the upcoming Community Day Classic event on Jan. 21, so players will be able to not only catch Larvitar if they don't already have one, but collect more candies to be able to evolve it.