How to Evolve Woobat into Swoobat in Pokemon GO

Courtesy of Niantic / Screenshot: @smilingpokemon

Want to evolve your Woobat into Swoobat in Pokemon GO? Here's everything you need to know.

Woobat is one of the most coveted and recognizable Pokemon across the fanbase. However, players are always looking to make their Pokemon stronger through evolution. Fortunately,there are many different ways to evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Woobat turning into Swoobat is a straightforward process, however, it's not just about feeding a Woobat a number of Candies. Players will have to complete another goal first in order to evolve it into Swoobat.

How to Evolve Woobat into Swoobat in Pokemon GO

While evolving Woobat in Swoobat requires players to have at least 50 Candy, which is the base requirement for most Pokemon evolutions, having 50 Candy isn't the only thing that players need to do.

First, set Woobat as your Buddy by tapping your Trainer portrait, and scrolling down to Woobat. Simply click on Woobat and set him as your Buddy.

From there, players must walk 1km or around .60 miles with Woobat as their buddy. After you have walked to appropriate distance, you can feed Woobat the 50 Candies and evolve him to Swoobat.