How to Fake Throw in Knockout City

Photo courtesy of Velan Studios

Learning to fake throw in Knockout City is crucial against good players who know how to dodge or catch an incoming ball. Knockout City may be simple on paper: a battle royale dodgeball game. But it couldn't be further from the truth. Velan Studios has done an excellent job at creating difficulty and style to a simple concept. Players have multiple ways to outthink their opponents and fake throwing is one of them.

While it is a simple execution of buttons, fake throwing is much more than that.

How to Fake Throw in Knockout City

  • PC: Hold Left Click + F
  • Xbox: Hold Right Trigger + Press in Right Stick
  • PlayStation: Hold R2 + Press in Right Stick

When you are about to throw at an enemy player, the game alerts the enemy. It also reveals which direction the ball will be coming from. Players have to react in a certain time frame to catch or dodge the ball. That's when you fake the throw, getting them to move out of position. As you can tell, Knockout City is all about reading your enemy and trying to deceive them.