How to Farm Harmony Leapstones in Lost Ark

Lost Ark
Lost Ark / Image courtesy of Smilegate

Harmony Leap Stones are used to upgrade your armor in Lost Ark. These are used in the upgrade stage after Harmony Shards are used to increase the EXP to the max. Then, you combine Harmony Leap Stones with guardian Stone Fragments or destruction Stone Fragments to upgrade the item.

The main source of Harmony Leap Stones in Lost Ark is through Chaos Dungeons. They are obtainable after your first two runs as well as from Guardian Raid runs. However, are these Harmony Leapstones grindable in Lost Ark?

Can you Farm Harmony Leapstones in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, you can obtain various items through trading, and this also includes the Harmony Leapstones.

In a Reddit post discussing the idea of farming the Leapstones in Lost Ark, one user suggests farming plenty of other materials after your runs in Lost Ark, and using those to trade for Harmony Leapstones. There is an NPC South of the Chaos Dungeon where you finish your daily runs, whom you can trade with in exchange for the Harmony Leapstones.

This looks to be the only way to actually "farm" the Harmony Leapstones in Lost Ark. The stones are tough to get in the game, but when you have some, they provide great boosts to your arsenal of armor.