How to Fast Travel in Dying Light 2

Photo courtesy Techland

Fast travel in Dying Light 2 Stay Human comes later in the game as players first have to get readjusted to the parkour playstyle of climbing skyscrapers and jumping over obstacles to get away from the infected zombies.

But as the world is so expansive, it is easier to fast travel to go from mission to mission instead of going through the process of running everywhere. Fast travel comes into play over the course of story progression, other fast travel destination points must be unlocked when entering the Metro Station Nighttime Activity.

How to Fast Travel in Dying Light 2

When trying to get from point to point, it is easier for players to utilize the fast travel that can be unlocked in the game. How a player can do this is by either simple story progression that will come naturally as one plays, or the newest method which is finding the Metro Station Nighttime Activity.

There are only two points out of ten that require story progression. Out of the two, those can be found when heading over to Main Terminal Station in Quarry End and PK Floating Fortress in The Wharf.

The other eight can be found when attempting the Metro Station Nighttime Activity as the main character, Aiden Caldwell. To unlock one of the fast travel locations, players are going to need to turn on the Metro Station by finding a fuse box. This means killing any Infected or Renegades at night.

After turning on the fuse box, players will then need to turn on four of the emergency generators, which can be found by crawling underneath the elevator and dropping all the way down. At the lowest level, navigate to a ‘Chemical Area’ that drains Immunity while trying to flip switches for all four generators marked on the HUD.

Once the Metro Station is unlocked, players will be given the option of Bed, Stash, and Safe Zone, and at least one Inhibitor in the Safe Zone.

As long as a player is not active in a story mission, players can head to their map and hover over the icon with three arrows, once held down they can fast travel anywhere.