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How to Fast Travel in Halo Infinite

Image courtesy of 343 Industries

Halo Infinite is the first game in the franchise to feature an open-world campaign for your Spartan to explore while completing missions, destroying the Banished, and stopping the Harbinger. The map of Infinite is massive and provides many points of interest for you to explore as soon as you land.

With such a large area of exploration in Zeta Halto however, players would want a fast travel system to get them around different points fast. Luckily, Fast Travel is possible in Halo Infinite, here's how to do it.

How to Fast Travel in Halo Infinite

To enable Fast Travel in Halo Infinite: you'll have to first make it to Zelta Halo, which you will land on after the first few Campaign missions. Once there, you are free to explore, and while exploring, you will encounter Forward Operating Bases, or "FOBs." These enemy-controlled areas will allow you to use them as bases to fast travel to once you conquer one. Since they are scattered around the map, the more you take over, the more fast-travel points you unlock.

Once you have conquered one FOB, do the following to start fast-traveling:

  • Open up the map with the View button on the Xbox controller or corresponding key on PC.
  • Hover over the location that players would like to fast travel to.
  • Press the X button or corresponding key to travel, and a short loading screen will appear before dropping players at the specific location.

Fast traveling is pretty easy, the tough part is defeating the enemies occupying the bases. Beat them, and traveling will be much easier in Halo Infinite.