How to Fast Travel in Horizon Forbidden West

photo courtesy Guerrilla Games/Screenshots: Alexandra Hobbs

Fast travel in Horizon Forbidden West is a feature players players have the chance to unlock when they come across their first campfire in-game. After unlocking a variety of different campfires, players will be able to fast travel between points around the world to easily navigate from one location to another in no time.

How to Fast Travel in Horizon Forbidden West

In the initial Horizon Zero Dawn game, players needed to collect materials in order to fast travel to different locations around the map. The materials created an item called a Golden Fast Travel Pack. 

Now, players who remember the packs won’t have to deal with them as much in Horizon Forbidden West, as they can simply head to different campfires to fast travel with no extra cost of resources, or travel to a campfire at any point on the map by expending a Fast Travel Pack.

Where to Find Campfires?

Campfires on a player’s map can become hidden as a player explores this world, as one’s map can be overcrowded with small icons.

By finding the specific campfire icon, a player can filter out the location. Press Start and find the campfires; then all the campfires near the player will be made more visible on their map.

On top of shortening the distance between one location to another, players can use the campfires to save progression if they are afraid of losing their place in the storyline.