How to Fast Travel in Horizon Forbidden West

Photo by Guerilla Games

Fast Travel is a great feature in the open-world game, Horizon Forbidden West. Here's a guide on how to fast travel in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is the sequel to the game Horizon Zero Dawn and has just released on Feb. 18. Like its predecessor, Horizon Forbidden West is exclusive on PlayStation platforms.

How to Fast Travel in Horizon Forbidden West

To be able to fast travel in Horizon Forbidden West, players will need to unlock this feature. Players will first need to complete the first opening mission, "To The Brink."

After players see the opening credits, players will meet Karhn. As Karhn escorts you, players will receive two Fast Travel Packs.

You can further craft Fast Travel Packs with 10 Ridge-Wood and three Wild Meat. Fast Travel Packs can be used when you are not close to a campfire.

Luckily, using Fast Travel Packs isn't the only way to fast travel. Players can go to a campfire and fast travel to another known campfire without using any of their resources.

Using fast travel will teleport you to a campfire or settlement you desire and only to locations that players have visited before.

Horizon Forbidden West is available to play now on PS4 and PS5 platforms.