How to Fast Travel in NBA 2K23

Photo Courtesy of 2K
Photo Courtesy of 2K / Photo Courtesy of 2K

One big part of playing NBA 2K23 is the online modes like MyCAREER. While playing the game players have a lot of opportunities to travel around the map, and luckily there is a way to easily do that fast.

During MyCAREER, players can travel across the city to participate in different challenges and play on different courts. The different events are spaced out kind of far, and while getting a vehicle can help, the best thing to do is to fast travel to get from one event to the other.

How to Fast Travel in NBA 2K23

Players can fast travel using the subway system added into the city throughout 2K23. This subway system is conveniently located around the entire map near different events and courts to make it easier for players to get from one corner of the map to the other.

By walking into the subway, players will be given the option to select a different station to exit from anywhere on the map. Making it easier and faster to travel throughout the city. The image below shows where the different stations are located throughout the city.

How to Fast Travel in NBA 2K23
Image Courtesy of 2K / Image Courtesy of 2K

Fast traveling will make it easier for players to stay active in the game and potentially earn more rewards by not spending as much time walking from place to place.

The City has a lot of fun places to explore and try out, check out the video on the new map below to see all the cool new features:

Although fast traveling can make things easier to get from place to place, NBA 2K23 definitely has put together a beautiful and cool city to explore. The new subway system is a fun way to travel from place to place conveniently, but sometimes it will be more fun to travel down the blocks with your friends in between events.