How to Fast Travel in New World

Image courtesy of Amazon Games

As another MMO enters the fray, many might be wondering: how do you fast travel in New World?

Beginning a new MMO can be exciting. There's a lot of joy to be taken from exploring new locations and getting your bearings as you start your adventure. Walking around and travelling by foot is the best way to discover everything New World has to offer, but as you get aquainted with your surroundings, you might want to hit up some locations a little bit faster than before. That's where fast travel comes in.

Like most MMOs, New World has a fast travel system to help you get around. Players are able to quickly travel to various settlements, but there's a catch.

How to Fast Travel in New World

Fast travel in New World comes with a price, and a few conditions. Providing you meet the following, you'll be all set for convenient travel:

The first condition is that you'll need to already be in a settlement in order to fast travel to another. Luckily, with the way the world is set out, it's likely that you'll never be too far from one. This does mean, though, that if you're out in the wild and need to get back to a settlement, you'll need to make the trek yourself.

The second condition is that you can only fast travel to a settlement that you've already visited. After all, it would be much fun if you could just zip to the unknown. Exploration is a key part of New World, so fast travel is limited to what you've already discovered.

The last, and most important condition, is that you need to have enough Azoth to pay for the trip. Fast travel isn't free in New World, so you'll need to be prepared to part with your resources in return for the convenience. The cost of the journey naturally depends on the distance between your two locations, as well as your level of encumbrance. If you're hauling a lot of loot, be prepared to pay a premium. Fortunately, some places offer a discount depending on your faction but, as far as we can tell, you can't earn discounts through levelling or increasing certain attributes.

If you meet all of the requirements, then you're set to fast travel. To do this, open up your map and zoom out until you can see the settlement icon. Simply click on the icon of your chosen settlement and then select the fast travel icon.

Alternatively, players can recall back to any Inn that they've checked into. The benefit here is that it's free and can be done from anywhere, including outside of a major settlement. The downside, though, is that once you have recalled, you'll be unable to do so again for an hour. So, use it wisely.