How to FF in Valorant

How to /ff in Valorant and, quite literally, take the "L"
How to /ff in Valorant and, quite literally, take the "L" / Riot Games

How to ff in Valorant can be useful if you know you're on the downward spiral.

Most multiplayer online games like Valorant, League of Legends, and Overwatch have a "/ff" or "forfeit" feature built into their matches. While this can sometimes be used to troll your own team if the overall performance is poor, forfeit is also typically used as a way to save players further wasted time and heartache.

Sometimes you just know a match is going to end in disaster.

How to ff in Valorant

The process of initiating a forfeit or surrender is very much straight forward. Simply type "/ff" into the game's chatbox at any time during a match to start the vote. The catch is that all players on the team need to vote yes in order for the motion to go through.

Each team can only call for a forfeit once during each half of the match and the action cannot be called before the eighth round. Once called, the vote will take place in the very next round—or the current, if you were quick enough at the start.

When a surrender is agreed, the defacto winning team will receive a win credit for every round needed to reach the 13-round threshold while the forfeited team will receive loss credits.