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How to Find and Make Cloth in V Rising

Phot courtesy of Stunlock Studios

V Rising, Stunlock Studio's new open-world survival game, is currently in Early Access on Steam. Players navigate the world of Vardoran as a newly awakened vampire, trying to survive in a world full of threats to their rising power. Crafting is essential to adapt to this world, and you want to prioritize gaining the ability to craft as much as you can on your own. This article will help you learn where to find, and how to craft, cloth on your own.

How to Find and Make Cloth

There are a few ways to find Cloth in V Rising. You are likely to find it in human settlements, whether it be villages, bandit camps, or other areas populated by humans. Your best bet, however, is in the Dunley Farmlands. Dawnbreak Village, in the southeast corner of the Dunley Farmlands, is a good place to start scavenging for Cloth.

To make Cloth, however, there are a few requirements. To make Cloth you need a Loom, and to be able to craft a Loom, you will have to defeat Beatrice the Tailor. Beatrice is located in Dawnbreak Village. Be prepared to chase her when you go to fight her, as she will flee from you once the fight begins. Once you defeat her, you will be able to craft a Loom.

To build the Loom, you will need 12 Copper Ingots, 20 Planks, and 4 Wool Threads. Then, to make Cloth, you will use 3 Leather and 9 Plant Fiber.

V Rising is currently available on Steam for $19.99, with DLC available for an extra price. For more on the game, check out our other guides: