How to Find Bird Eggs in Genshin Impact

Bird eggs can be often found by climbing on trees.
Bird eggs can be often found by climbing on trees. / courtesy of miHoYo

Finding birds eggs in Genshin Impact is important for those trying to master cooking.

Out of all of the basic cooking ingredients, these are one of the harder ones to find. Unlike fish, meat, or mint which are obtainable through farming, bird eggs are objects that have to be intentionally looked for. Bird eggs can be found in various locations on the map or can be bought from a specific merchant in Springvale.

How to Find Bird Eggs in Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact community has found a total 108 bird eggs at one time. These eventually restock or re-spawn over time, but here is a video to the ultimate guide of finding bird eggs.

There are two possible ways to acquire bird eggs: shopping and farming. Up next are a few easy ways to get bird eggs.

How to Buy Bird Eggs

Draff is a store keeper from Springvale.
Draff is a store keeper from Springvale. /

Buying is the easiest way to get bird eggs. go to Springvale, a small town located near Mondstadt, and you can find Draff. Draff is a male merchant that sells raw meat, fowl, and bird eggs. Players can buy ten items per day, and items restock every day. Make sure to visit him during the day between 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM, because he will be too drunk at night for any business.

How to Farm Bird Eggs

Other than buying, bird eggs can only be found by farming. They are usually hidden in trees or on house roofs. The Bishui Plain is known to have a bunch of bird eggs. Finding these in nests only gives two at a time.

The real jack pot of bird eggs is hidden in the deep rocky mountains. This is called 'The Bird Egg Mountain' amongst Genshin Impact payers. The Bird Egg Mountain is located in the Huaguang Stone Forest area in Minlin, Liyue.

Right above the word Stone is the Bird Egg Mountain. Teleport to the Way Point above Hauguang Stone Forest to best approach it. Know your directions, and fly down to the mountain. Make sure to maintain your stamina for flying ad possible climbing.

Eight bird eggs can be found in total. Come back in a few days when they re-spawned to get another handful of bird eggs!