How to Find Giovanni Pokemon GO

courtesy of Nintendo

Giovanni from Pokemon Go can be found by using a Super Rocket Radar.

Nintendo has announced the next Shadow Legendary to be Shadow Ho-Oh. Players can fight Giovanni, one of the Team GO Rocket Bosses, to get a chance to capture Shadow Ho-Oh.

This is Shadow Ho-Oh's first debut in Pokemon GO. If you plan to catch the bird, buckle up and get ready for some Giovanni hunting. This article will take you step by step on how to find Giovanni.

How to Find Giovanni Pokemon Go

Giovanni is one of the rare Rocket GO Bosses. You should be ready for some outdoor activities to find him.

First, you have to equip a Super Rocket Radar. Do not worry if you don't own one. "Seven Colored Shadow" is a special research program that provides the radar as a reward.

Go into your bag and equip the Radar. It will reveal Team GO Rocket Boss Headquarters on the map. The icon will be a black circle with a red "R."

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Check out each Pokestop. If Giovanni is not there, do not press "Combat" and simply skip the Pokestop. Continue this, and eventually, you will be able to find him.

Giovanni is not an easy component. After all, he is the head of Team Rocket. Yet if you are aware of his skills and know how to defeat him, it should not be too hard. Good luck with your adventure!